It has been a tough past 18 months, and it could be a tough 18 months more. Most small business owners are feeling a bit frayed at the edges. Now, more than ever, you need to work smarter, leverage technology and maximise your reach with less input from yourself.

Enhancing your digital profile to its maximum will mean working less for more money.

Is your digital profile at its peak? Have you done a search engine optimisation audit with your Melbourne digital agency?

Well, it’s time to pump up your profile!

Re-energizing Or Launching Your Digital Profile

The first step is from our side, and it is aimed at motivating you into action. Our 30 Day Kickstarter program is a good example. It is made to accelerate your digital profile refurbishment or launch. This program gives the most effective and direct route to launching your business with a website, a brand and leads within the first 2 months of operating. Find out more here.

Unless the market hears about you or sees you, you are going nowhere fast! People buy what people see!

Whether you want to attract quality talent or quality customers, they will both assess your business via your digital profile. That profile is a hub for all your online information – for marketing use, attracting talent, and communicating with customers.

Your digital profile should:

  • Tell visitors who you (brand) are
  • Tell them what you do
  • Show them how you do it better than others
  • Show that your services are unique
  • Show how you solve the customer’s problem
  • Be loud and clear with a lead magnet
  • Tell a story (target market-relevant) that visitors will pass on

The Content Factor

Your rejuvenated/newly launched, expertly designed digital profile will get attention focussed on your business. It’s your content plus user experience that will convert leads into customers.

To be different to the other voices out there, you need to:

  • Be informative, interesting, and unique.
  • Use experts to write your content.
  • Do an SEO audit and repeat it strategically.

To motivate you further, we are offering one free comprehensive SEO audit. The audit covers structure and content to give you a holistic view of your digital state of health, showing you how your online priorities, goals, or revenue are being affected.

Your content strategy, drawn up with your digital agency, is vital for your digital profile establishment.

The Final Cut

The goal is to ensure your digital profile cuts through the noise. SEO is the perfect tool. We’ll prove it by offering you one month of free local SEO This is targeted at capturing local search territory to develop area-specific leads. It uses specialised methods to leverage connections with searchers in your area.

You don’t need to start with an explosive ‘launch day’, but you do need to move swiftly. You can build an exponential plan from blogs to vlogs and other channels – constantly building an audience.

The biggest step right now is your first step. Contact our team of accelerators and let’s get your business seen and heard with search engine optimisation services in Melbourne.

Then all you have to do is sit back, focus on customers and let your powerful new digital profile pour leads into your sales funnel.