With last year being described as many things from a cesspit of deadends to a whirlpool of opportunity, we are happy to look forward to the 2nd half of 2021 and 2022.

We have had a look at social media marketing trends while analysing the Melbourne market segment performance and wanted to share our observations with you.

Social Media Marketing Trend #1

Social media is no longer just a communications and discovery platform. The platforms are becoming the top purchase channels – customers on Facebook can discover and purchase without leaving, and the market is loving this. #SimpleAndSeamless

Retail brands are scurrying quickly to catch up and expand their digital floor space via these platforms.

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Social Media Marketing Trend #2

Informed buyers choose informed brands, and the degree of ‘being informed’ is what will set you apart from the competition. The age of personal commerce is here, and consumers want brands to know their preferences at any given moment on any channel.

Your business needs:

  • To know, at all times, what the customer previously purchased
  • To help customers determine their next purchases (from tracking data they’ve consciously, digitally shared with you).
  • To tell customers what they want and when they want it.

Collected data is useless unless you are leveraging it in meaningful ways, predicting customers’ needs, understanding buying cycle positions and predicting purchase timing.

Social Media Marketing Trend #3

Virtual events, which were hesitantly taken on board by companies, have entrenched themselves via ROI, accessibility and the market’s newly gained familiarity with them.

Many events are now forever virtual. Companies have discovered entirely new audiences that were previously untapped – all due to virtual events.

Visa issues, travel restrictions and costs are reduced, and attendance is increased = higher ROI.

To leverage this trend, you need to be more creative than the competition, drive engagement through great speakers, rich content and inject some fun.

Social Media Marketing Trend #4

Choose your social media channels with greater care. Gunshot splattering of information over all of them reflects poorly on your brand #DeclutterSocialMedia.

Choose the most relevant channels and focus your quality attention on those.

Social Media Marketing Trend #5

Virtual events Take2 – The virtual events are here to stay, but the ones that will dominate will be live. Digital visitors will want live interaction with the event and any event participants. There will also be a growing use of augmented reality (AR). This allows customers a unique brand experience with the convenience of tapping into their mobile devices.

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